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Hi, I’m Chef Alisa McPheron. I’m the former executive chef and owner of Main Street Bistro in Lima, Ohio and current Chef owner and operator of Fat Cat Diner in Lima, Ohio, Fat Cat Diner.more_small

I have owned and operated full service, upscale restaurants (and now a diner concept) for 16 years. I graduated from Johnson and Wales University in Providence, Rhode Island (yep, I’m an Alumni from the same university as Emeril Lagasse) with Culinary and Food Service Management Degrees.

My goal is to help people achieve restaurant quality results in their home with the help of innovative products and professional instruction. I believe we all have the ability to make magic in the kitchen. Food has the ability to touch people’s lives and create wonderful memories in ways that nothing else can. Food can bring worlds and people together.

Cooking should be fun and joyous and I believe it is a skill anyone can learn. I hope to share my years of education and restaurant experience to help people achieve their desired results right at home. My philosophy is simple…May Your Life be Sweet and Your Success a Piece of Cake!

Chef Alisa




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